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updated 7/20/2014

As a long time Colorado fly-fisherman my goal is simple: to enhance your fly fishing experience by producing a handmade "cane" (bamboo) fly rod that has no equal.I've used my many years of on-the-water experience to create rods that perform beyond expectations. My philosophy begins with the simple truth that bamboo rods are made to be fished! Although my rods are elegantly and simplistically beautiful, I believe that a well made rod must be designed to both cast well and fish well before aesthetic concerns are considered. All my fly rods are handmade, one-at-a-time, by myself. I choose only the highest quality bamboo culms to make my rods, which are offered in a flamed or blonde color, and are finished in high gloss varnish.

The methods I use to construct a bamboo fly rod have evolved over last few years from some of the traditional ways to what I feel is and simpler and easier process. I pick the straightest and best culms of bamboo available, looking at the power fibers for density to use for the rod being built. I first flame the culm with a torch to a rich brown color and to temper it. Instead of splitting the bamboo culms, I cut them with a band saw, which allows for straight strips, thus avoiding most straightening. I rough mill the strips with a router-based beveller to achieve 60 degree angles. The rough strips are hand planed on steel forms to final dimensions. The strips are glued-up on a four-string binder and placed on forms to insure straightness. The dried blank is scraped to remove excess glue and binding string. At this point the blank is sanded and is ready for finishing with components of costumers choice.

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