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Bamboo Rod Care

Common sense is the best word to describe care and use of bamboo rods. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Never store rod in extremely hot place such a car in summer.
2. Remember when assembling a rod put hands together near ferrule and push straight in.” NEVER” twist ferrules.
3. When disassembling a rod put hands approximately 12 inches on either side of the ferrules and pull straight. You should hear a pop when rod comes apart.
4. Clean male ferrules with clean cloth. (a piece of t-shirt works well)
5. If the ferrules get tighter than usual clean female with rubbing alcohol or acetone with Q-tip.
6. After fishing clean the rod and never put in the case wet. Check the tip you are using for any sets. You can bend and rub the rod and take minor set out then.
7. When fishing don’t play all fish the same, turn the rod over and play some on the back side which will help eliminate sets.
8. Things that break rods are hanging up and dead pulling with the rod at right angle. If You hang up a fly, point rod at fly pull straight away and break fly off if necessary. Always cast the rod with a line on it, (like a long bow with arrow on it), you always need to put a load in the rod. Buggy whipping will also break the rod because of the stress placed on rod near the ferrules.
9. Never walk with rod pointed ahead of you, broken tips happen that way. Point tip straight up or behind you.
10. If you are in Wheat Ridge area, bring the rod by and I can check to see if it needs any attention.

These are some things to keep in mind when using bamboo rods. If you have any questions, please call. I will be happy to answer questions and concerns you have.

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